Printed Electronics is one of the fastest-growing trends in electronics manufacturing today, enabling printing of devices on various substrates and structures.

When applicable, it is highly cost-effective, fast, more environment-friendly and well adapted for mass-manufacturing. Printing Electronics allows the development of  flexible electronics, and imperative for applications such as RFID/NFC, wireless sensors, IoT, LED displays and many other emerging technologies.

New, high-performance materials are critical for the development of printed electronics, this is exactly what PrintCB is about.

Why Copper?

Copper is a key material in the electrical and electronics industry, it is highly conductive, as well as low cost. Printing of copper has been this industry’s dream for many years. However, physical barriers prevented effective printing of copper mainly due to oxidation considerations.

To date, most platforms printing electronics use silver-inks which are highly conductive but expensive . This is why the development of copper ink is so important. This is why PrintCB’s technology is so disruptive.

Copper Ink

CopPair main features:

  • Two component ink
  • High conductivity <25 mΩ/sq./mil
  • Ideal for Screen Printing or micro-Dispensing
  • Hot air curing at 150°C for 5 minutes
  • Good adhesion to PET, glass, epoxy, paper and others
  • Solder-able
  • Oxidation resistant

PrintCB’s two-component CopPair technology is easy to use, screen-printable paste, requires no changes to capital equipment (i.e. inert gasses or laser sintering) and cures in air using standard conveyor or box ovens. Once dry, the material maintains high conductivity and good oxidation resistance over time. 

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CEO and Co-Founder

After spending 15 years in various leadership positions including R&D and Engineering in Semiconductors and Nanotechnology companies as well as at HP-Indigo where he managed a demo-center for newly-launched products.
Sagi has founded PrintCB with a vision of creating a new, digital platform for electronics manufacturing. Sagi holds a BSc. and MSc in Chemical/Materials engineering both from the Technion and a MBA from Tel-Aviv University.


CTO and Co-founder

Yifath has a 30 year record in developing new technologies in various fields. Starting with the classic metal industry he gradually moved into systems including charged-particle detector engineering, semiconductor capital-equipment development and design of high impact structures for military vehicles. Practically a hardware champion. Yiftah holds a Bsc. In Mechanical Engineering from the Technion, MSc. in Materials Engineering from the Hebrew University and a PhD in system Engineering from Ohio state University.


Graduate of the University of London and the Weizmann Institute of Science, Dr. Daren has more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and academia. For the past 20 years he has been a consultant and manager of Daren Labs, a R&D company providing solutions to numerous problems of the chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer and plastic industries. Steve is a recognized authority on plastics, polymers, adhesives and flame retardants, the perfect background for developing challenging ink chemistries.

PrintCB is a producer of copper inks for printed electronics.
Our products open new innovative opportunities for flexible, and wearable technologies including IoT, sensors, antennas, RFID, and other circuitry devices. PrintCB’s copper inks are a breakthrough technology replacing silver-based inks in the rapidly growing printed electronics space.

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