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The world of PCB
Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are core electronic components for every intelligent system and can be found practically everywhere. It is a market of $70B, with 30B yearly manufactured units and supporting 10,000 new products a year.
Cutting time to market
In today's markets, timing is everything. In electronic product development, PCB prototyping is a painful bottleneck, slowing down R&D teams.
This is why PCB design and validation are "strategic" competencies.
Growing Innovation
Faster validation tools can help testing new ideas while keeping the timelines. Such capabilities will help businesses develop better products. Let your teams grow innovation, it is the edge you need.
PCB 3D Printing
Printed Circuit Boards are a core component for every electronic device, supporting a huge, fast moving consumer industry. We at PrintCB believe it is time to bring the 3D revolution to the world of PCBs and are developing the first real “industry standard” multi layer PCB printer. Just like in conventional 3D printing, our printer will enable R&D and Engineering teams to print functional multilayer PCB prototypes and validate their concepts within hours. It is a $70B market, with 30B units manufactured annually and supporting 10,000 new products a year.
Sagi Daren
CEO & Founder
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Marketing and Engineering at HP Indigo
   Marketing, Demo Center Manager
   Engineering, Product Team Leader
R&D Project Manager at El-Mul Technologies
   Led the development of a disruptive Nanotechnology-based product
MBA at Recanati Business School, Tel-Aviv University
MSc. in Materials Engineering, The Technion, Haifa
BSc. in Chemical Engineering, The Technion, Haifa
Yiftah Karni
CTO & Founder
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R&D Manager and Chief Engineer at:
   Paltechnica & El-Mul Technologies
R&D Project Manager at:
   Negevtech & Quantomix
PhD in System Engineering , Ohio State University
MSc. in Materials Science , The Hebrew University
BSc. In Mechanical Engineering , The Technion, Haifa
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